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2017-2019 Academic Catalog 
2017-2019 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Residential Life

The mission of the Office of Residential Life is to provide a safe, secure, and healthy living environment for students that enhance learning and development through community service, quality programming, and academic support.

The residential life program has five diverse residential halls which can accommodate students. Each residence hall has its own unique character with either suite-style rooms or apartment units. Occupancy in each unit varies.

All residential rooms are furnished with standard college furniture (bed, dresser, desk, chair, and bookcase) and each residential unit has internet access and basic cable television. Each university apartment has a stove, refrigerator, and standard living-room furniture.

Residency Requirement

First-time, full-time students (i.e. freshmen) who are new to the University are required to live on campus during their first year at Dillard University and transfer students in the spring semester are required to live on campus for one semester unless a valid exemption has been granted by the Office of Residential Life. An exemption will be granted to students who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Commute no more than 50 miles from the home of a parent or guardian.
  2. Commute no more than 50 miles from the home of an immediate family member other than a parent or guardian (e.g. grandparent, aunt/uncle).
  3. Are legally married.
  4. Have dependent children living with them.
  5. Are active duty or veterans of military service.
  6. Are 21 years of age or older.
  7. Have a documented medical condition as approved by the Center for Health and Wellness and/or the Office of Student Support Services.

Students who commute no more than 50 miles from the home of a parent or guardian, with the home address being determined by the permanent address indicated on the Application for Admission, are automatically exempted from the Residency Requirement. No further action is needed on the part of the student.

All other students requesting an exemption to Dillard University’s residency requirement must complete a Residency Requirement Exemption Request Form available from the Office of Residential Life or through myDU. A Residency Requirement Exemption Request may only be submitted once per academic year and must be submitted no later than ten (10) business days prior to the date of enrollment.

Upon receipt of a completed Residency Requirement Exemption Request Form and supporting documentation, the Office of Residential Life will make a recommendation to the Dean of Student Affairs whose decision is final.

The residency requirement does not preclude the removal of a student from housing and termination of the housing contract if the student fails to abide by the rules and regulations of the University.

Meal Plan Requirement

It is mandatory that all resident students purchase a meal plan, which may be used for dining privileges in the University Dining Hall.

Meals are served from a variety of delicious, nutritious offerings. Featured on the lunch menus are salad and vegetable bars, as well as deli-style service. Salad and vegetable bars are also featured at dinner.

Community Living Standards

Residents are governed by all university policies found in the Code of Conduct, roommate agreements, and building creeds/policies created by students of the Residence Hall Association once approved by the Director of Residential Life, Dean of Student Affairs, and Vice President for Student Success.

Family Housing

Family housing is not offered through the Office of Residential Life. Unless specifically outlined in a special program approved by the University, minor children are not allowed to reside on campus. Students with dependents or married students must make their own off-campus housing arrangements.

Room Assignments

A student must submit a completed housing application and proof of deposit in order to receive a housing assignment.

Housing assignments are determined by the number of credits earned as reported through the Office of Records and Registration at the time of assignment.

Every effort is made to honor a resident’s preference for roommate, room type, and location. However, Dillard University does not guarantee the type or location of residence and/or roommate requests.

The Office of Residential Life reserves the right to change a resident’s hall, apartment, and/or room assignment at any time. The Office of Residential Life will assign a student residing in a double-occupancy room a roommate. All room assignments will be based on maximum occupancy.