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2017-2019 Academic Catalog 
2017-2019 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

The Bleuprint

Mission Statement

True to its heritage, Dillard University’s mission is to produce graduates who excel, become world leaders and are broadly educated, culturally aware, and concerned with improving the human condition. Through a highly personalized and learning-centered approach, Dillard’s students are able to meet the competitive demands of a diverse, global and technologically advanced society.

Dillard University Strategic Plan 2015-2018

Strategic Cornerstone: Reconnect

Strategic Pillar - The Dillard University Community (1)

  1. Identify the core values of Dillard University
  2. Identify ways in which the core values can be exemplified through the University’s activities and programs
  3. Review and update mission statement
  4. Frame the mission statement in a way to increase institutionalization of the mission into the University’s activities

Strategic Pillar - Dillard and the church (2)

  1. Openly embrace relatedness to United Methodist Church and United Church of Christ
  2. Develop local partnerships with a diversity of denominations and faiths

Strategic Pillar - Dillard history and traditions (3)

  1. To Identify and document key traditions of Dillard University
  2. Develop vehicles to educate and share Dillard history and traditions

Strategic Pillar - Creating great stories that spread (4)

  1. Create a user-friendly and updated website
  2. Create permanent exhibit showing Dillard’s past, present and future with traveling components and artifacts
  3. Strengthen DU’s Branding Through Vocal Faculty & Staff Experts

Strategic Cornerstone: Renew

Strategic Pillar - The Dillard Student (5)

  1. Recruit and enroll students who fit Dillard profile for mutual success, shaped around key demographics
  2. Define and implement a unique Dillard undergraduate experience

Strategic Pillar - Dillard workforce (6)

  1. Develop a position statement for all applicants/ recruits that explains what kind of person will be successful at Dillard, including questions to match their values and our reality
  2. Develop a healthy balance of faculty with teaching and research capabilities

Strategic Cornerstone: Realize

Strategic Pillar - Signature Programs (7)

  1. Identify signature academic programs
  2. Build signature programs

Strategic Pillar - The Successful Student (8)

  1. Improve career readiness of students
  2. Create an Effective Post-Graduation Assessment Program

Strategic Pillar - 21st Century Teaching & Learning (9)

  1. Identify and secure resources to implement 21st century learning (defined as an educational pedagogy that utilizes technology to deliver core academic skills instruction, using real-world and project-based methods for 21st century students)
  2. Launch 21st century strategies

Strategic Pillar - Quality of Life (10)

  1. Develop a campus culture that understands college costs, works to manage those costs, understand the value of the Dillard experience, and works to offer a high quality, affordable experience
  2. Strengthen the on campus experience for students
  3. Strengthen quality of life for faculty and staff

Strategic Cornerstone: Refresh

Strategic Pillar - Facilities & Grounds (11)

  1. Strengthen physical infrastructure
  2. Develop a campus culture of physical plant pride

Strategic Pillar - Alumni & Private Support (12)

  1. Increase external funding provided for student aid by $1 million per year
  2. Secure $1 million per year from alumni with at least a 25% giving rate
  3. Increase alumni engagement