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Dillard University Student Handbook 
Dillard University Student Handbook

Student Organization Policies and Regulations

Dillard University subscribes to the idea that every experience or activity endorsed or promoted by the University must contribute to the total development of the student and thereby be a learning experience. The educational program, therefore, is not limited to the academic curriculum but includes all the experiences and activities supervised by the institution. An effort is made to provide an integrated, vital educational environment in which each student may be stimulated to grow in a manner that will reflect an increasing achievement of moral spiritual values as well as intellectual growth.

It should remain clear, however, that all organizations operate on campus at the invitation and approval of the University. Therefore, student clubs and organizations must adhere at all times, on and off campus, to governing policies and regulations established by the University.


A student organization shall be defined as “a group of Dillard University students joined together in the pursuit of a common purpose, which is in support of the mission, goals and values of Dillard University, guided by a lawful constitution under the direction of chosen officers, and which has been recognized and approved by the Director of Student Engagement and Leadership Development (SELD).” Recognition of a student organization in no way implies that Dillard University necessarily endorses the behavior, activities, positions, or points of view espoused privately or publicly by members of the recognized student organization.

Procedures for the Recognition of Student Organizations Starting a Student Organization

New student organizations can be created when a group of five (5) or more Dillard University students form a registered student organization in support of the university goals, purposes, and values. The process to become a registered student organization includes six (6) basic requirements. All required documents must be submitted to the Director for Student Engagement & Leadership Development and can be obtain in the Office of Student Affairs. These requirements are listed below:

  1. Find a University Advisor who is currently a full-time member of the DU faculty or staff. The advisor must read, sign, and submit the Organization Advisor Agreement Form and attend the Advisor Training held each semester.
  2. Submit the Application for New Student Organization.
  3. Submit a copy of the organization proposed constitution.
    1. New student organizations can request a sample constitution and receive a constitution checklist from the Director of Student Engagement and Leadership Development.
    2. National organizations must submit a copy of their national constitution and by-laws as well as the student chapter constitution and by-laws.
  4. Submit the Petition to Form a New Student Organization with a minimum of twenty (20) members of the DU student body signatures showing support to create the new student organization.
  5. Submit the Student Senate Agreement Form.
  6. Submit a completed Student Organization Officer Form. Signatures are required for the president and University Advisor. Attendance at the Student Organization Officer Training is mandated. Three (3) of the founding members of the organization must attend the Student Organization Officer Training in order for the organization to be active on campus.
  7. Campus media groups must have the approval of the Vice President for Student Success to move forward with application.
  8. Religious groups must have the approval of University Chaplain to move forward with the application.
  9. Recreational and athletic groups must have the approval of the Director, Recreation, Health and Wellness to move forward with application.
  10. Greek letter organizations must have the approval of the National Pan-Hellenic Council and the Vice President for Student Success to move forward with the application. Specific procedures exist within each group for the establishment of new chapters.

Constitution & Bylaws Requirements

Office of the Director for Student Engagement & Leadership Development (SELD) requires all student organizations to submit a constitution as a part of the registration process. An organization’s constitution is the document containing basic rules relating to the organization.

The constitution of the proposed organization may be written and structured according to the desires of the authors; however, it must at least have the following topics covered in the document:

  1. Name and purpose of the proposed organization.
  2. Qualifications and selection process for membership, including a statement of non-discrimination based upon race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, physical impairment, national or ethnic origin, or age. NPHC organizations that have a partial exemption under Title IX may so modify this statement as authorized by law.
  3. Election of officers, their duties, responsibilities, and removal procedures.
  4. Meetings of organization.
  5. Relationship with university. A statement that the organization will support in its actions and programs the goals, purposes and values of Dillard University and abide by university policies and procedures.
  6. Constitution amendment process.
  7. Statement of Non-Hazing.

Organizations governed by a national organization may submit the national organization’s constitution as well as student chapter constitution and by-laws.

When changes are made to the registered student organization constitution, student organization must submit the new constitution to the Office of the Director of (SELD) for review and approval.

Preliminary Review

The Director of SELD will review the full application, recommend/require changes to ensure compliance with university policies and upon completion by the organization, and forward the full application to the New Student Organization Committee.

New Student Organization Committee and Recognition Approval Process

The New Student Organization Committee will consist of the SGA President, SGA Vice President, Director of SELD, and the Dean of Students.

The criteria in which shall be used by New Student Organization Committee to determine whether a proposed organization deserves recognition is as follows:

  1. Is there an identifiable need for the organization at the University?
  2. Will the proposed organization contribute to the quality of student life at the University?
  3. Does the proposed organization espouse a purpose and a program, which makes it compatible with the mission, goals, and values of the University?
  4. Has the proposed organization accurately and completely fulfilled the requirements of submitting the full application packet as specified in the Student Handbook?
  5. Is there any other relevant, factual information that may affect the suitability of the organization’s recognition by the University?

If the New Student Organization Committee denies the application for approval, a letter shall be sent to the denied organization advisor and President informing each of the specific reasons for denial of the organization’s application based upon the criteria for recognition of student organizations. This decision may be appealed to the Vice President for Student Affairs within five business days of receipt of recognition of denial.

The organizational recognition process is not complete until the organization receives written notification of approval/denial from the Director of SELD.

Rights of Campus Organizations

Upon approval of recognition, student organizations shall become an active recognized organization, with all the rights, privileges, and immunities conferred by such recognition, which include the following:

  1. Use of the university’s name in association with the name of the organization.
  2. Use of university facilities in accordance with the policies that govern them.
  3. Solicitation of membership on campus under the organization’s name.
  4. Listing of the organization in the official publications of the university.
  5. Use of university bulletin boards.
  6. Registration of events. All events held on campus and off campus which are sponsored by a student organization must be registered with the office of SELD.
  7. Ability to petition the Student Government Association for an allocation of funds to be used for activities for the organization.
  8. Receipt of university publications that can assist in the organization’s work.
  9. Right to request the use of a student organization mailbox.
  10. Right to actively promote the goals, purposes, identity, programs and activities of the organization. Active promotion may be regarded as wearing any clothing and/or accessories, displaying organization paraphernalia, display and/or distribution of written publicity for the organization or an event, public announcements at a Dillard event, use of social media, or any visible sign that intimates or articulates promotion. Promotion includes letters or any symbols that could be associated with the group. This applies to any on-campus and off-campus Dillard-associated event.

Responsibilities of Student Organizations

Student organizations recognized by the university have a responsibility to conduct their activities and programs in a manner that is consistent with the goals, purposes, and values of Dillard University.

The life of an organization is reflected in its membership, acting collectively and/or individually in fostering the goals, purposes, activities, and identity of the group.

Members have responsibilities to their organization to conduct their personal behavior in a manner that does not negatively reflect on the organization, particularly in matters that can be related to the functions and activities of the organization. Organizations are expected to educate their members to the appropriate and legitimate ways in which the individual member is to foster the organization’s existence at the university and to take organizational action when the individual fails to adhere to the standards of the group or the university.

Consequently, an organization may be held responsible for a member’s behavior when that member’s behavior is demonstrably related to the organization’s life and draws attention to the organization rather than to the member as an individual student.

Such behavior includes but is not limited to actions of organization officers, discussions, and announcements at organization meetings or via organization social media/email list serves, or when it has been alleged or determined the member was engaged in active promotion.

In such instances, alleged violations may be brought against the organization as a whole and the student organization President, or equivalent thereof, shall serve as the organization’s representative in a hearing.

Noise/Amplified Sound/Lyrics

The Director of SELD reserves the right to deny the use of amplified sound or to instruct students or student organizations to turn down the volume of amplified sound if excessive noise will disrupt academic or religious pursuits or the sleep environment in the residence halls. Quite hours in the residence halls are Sunday-Saturday 11pm - 10am.

Music with vulgar or explicit lyrics is prohibited.


Each organization’s officer must be in good standing in order to remain active in their position with the organization.

If an officer loses good standing, he/she will be considered inactive and will receive written notification to that effect from the Office of Student Affairs. The inactive status will remain until such time when conduct standards are met.

Each organization/club is required to delegate two (2) members to sit on the SGA Senate and have at least one member to attend each meeting. SGA Senate meetings will be held once a month and attendance will be taken. If the delegate officers miss a meeting, the organization will not be able to host an event the following month (i.e. a Student Senate meeting is held in September the delegate officer does not attend the meeting the student organization cannot host an event in October).

If the delegate officers miss three (3) or more consecutive meetings without a valid written justification, the organization will be placed on inactive status and will forfeit privileges of recognized organizations.

Maintaining Active Status & Annual Registration

It is the policy at Dillard University that each campus organization is registered with the Office of Student Engagement & Leadership Development by an established date at the beginning of each academic year. Registration forms can be obtained in the Office of Student Affairs.

Registered student organizations must complete certain requirements annually to remain on active status. These requirements are:

  1. Maintain a membership of at least five (5) full-time students at Dillard University and submit a current list of active members and officers.
  2. Submit the Organization Advisor Agreement Form, Student Organization Officer Form and Student Senate Agreement Form to the Office of the Director for Student Engagement and Leadership Development (SELD).
  3. Attend the Student Organization Officer Training (S.O.O.T) annually; a minimum of three (3) organizations officers must attend S.O.O.T in order for the organization to remain on active status on.
  4. Attend Student Senate Meetings once a month.
  5. Submit any constitution changes as needed for review to the Office of the Director for SELD
  6. Maintain contact with University Advisor

Before an organization can function on campus, it must be registered, failure to comply will result in organization being placed on inactive or non-recognized status.

Status of Student Organization

The Office of the Director for Student Engagement & Leadership Development (SELD) uses different terms to describe the status of student organizations in four (4) categories: Active, Probation, Inactive, and Non-recognized.


Active status is defined as the status of an organization that has completed all requirements to maintain an organization. As well as maintained all student organization responsibilities aligned with the Student Senate throughout the academic year. These organizations may take advantage of the benefits and rights offered to registered student organizations such as but not limited to recruitment, new membership, hold meetings, and host events.


Probation status is defined as the status of an organization that has been removed from active status for violations of Student Senate regulations, University policies and/or local, state, and federal laws. The length of probation status varies upon the discretion of the Director for SELD. Student organizations on probation may be required to complete certain requirements before being placed back on active status.


Inactive status is defined as the status of an organization that has been removed from active status, placed on probation, and has not completed all requirements to be placed back on active status. Organizations on inactive status may be granted the opportunity to have limited organization privileges which may include reserving a meeting space for organizational planning purposes. No programs or activities may be conducted during this status in the organization’s name.


Non-recognized status is defined as the status of an organization that has not attempted to complete the requirements to maintain active status with the Office of the Director for Student Engagement & Leadership Development (SELD). Student organizations on non-recognized status are removed from all registered student organization lists and are not permitted to utilized any of the benefits and rights of being an active registered student organization such as participating in student organization events, hosting events, utilizing resource rooms, having a mailbox, participating in meet and greet, reserving conference room space, utilizing display boards, fundraising, seeking funding from Student Government Association (SGA), reserving rooms or services, collaborating with active registered organization, and enjoying the benefits of being recognized as a student organization at Dillard University. Non-recognized organizations can become active by meeting all of the requirements to maintain active status by the Spring Registration deadline


Dillard University requires each student organization to have an advisor who is currently a full time member of the DU faculty or staff and/or local chapter organization. It is recommended that each student organization have at least two (2) advisors. Advisors are held responsible for insuring that all groups function in ways that are compatible with the University’s mission. In addition, advisors are required to be present at ALL meetings, activities, ceremonies, and social affairs conducted by the organization.

Student Organization & Club Event Policies

Eligibility to Sponsor Programs and Events

Student organizations must be on active status at the University and follow all guidelines of the Student Senate in order to apply to sponsor events and activities in University facilities. Student organizations that are on probation or that have outstanding financial obligations to the University are not eligible to sponsor programs or events. A student organization is defined as any organizations that are managed by students including honor societies.

Student organizations may not co-sponsor a special event or late night event with an off-campus organization or with any commercial enterprise. Appeals to this policy must be in writing to the Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs. The University requires contracts and insurance coverage for programs and events that are co-sponsored with external organizations and vendors.

Student organizations may co-sponsor events with organizations, companies, and vendors. They are prohibited from co-sponsoring events with establishments that are commonly known as bars, taverns, or pubs. (Bars, taverns, or pubs are defined as establishments that generate more than half of annual gross sales from alcohol.)

Approval of Events

All programs and activities including but not limited to, workshops, seminars, , step-shows, films/movies, recreational activities, Banquets, Blood drives, Concerts, Conferences, Cultural events, Events with amplified sound, Forums, Fundraisers, Information Fairs, initiation/Induction, Meetings, Run/Walks, Social events, Speakers, Table sits university events and activities sponsored by student organizations must be scheduled and approved through SELD. In any case an event is not approved by SELD, an officer of the chartered organization may contact the Director of SELD for further clarification. Events that are not allowed on campus are car washes, Bid-A-Date, and auctions for dates and services. Students and others are also asked to clear all religious events, including visits from local pastors and congregations, through the Office of the University Chaplain. This includes one-time events and recurring events such as Bible Studies.

Reserving Facilities

University facilities will be made available for use to student organizations and officially approved groups on a first-come, first-served basis. In order to reserve a facility, an officer of an organization must submit an Event Request form to SELD at least two (2) weeks prior to the event. SELD will notify the request via email of the status of their request: approved or unapproved within five (5) working days upon receipt of requisition forms. All events will require the signature and presence of an approved advisor.

Special Event and Late Night Programming Policy

Dillard University endeavors to provide fun-filled events and programs in a safe and secure environment. The following guidelines for special and late night events are designed to complement the University’s regular reservation policies and procedures governing and regulating campus facilities and space. For the purpose of this policy, “late night events” are defined as any event open to DU students and guest scheduled to conclude after midnight on Friday and Saturday nights. Late night event must end at 12:45 a.m. and the facility must be cleared by 1:00 a.m. Late night events may not be held from Sunday through Thursday. “Special events” shall mean events with anticipated attendance of over one hundred and fifty (150) students and guests, and events that may pose safety and security concerns determined by Office of the University Police or a University official (i.e. party, neophyte show, Lock-in, and etc.).

An officer or representative of an organization that sponsors a Special Event or Late Night Program must submit the approved Event Request Form to the Office of the University Police when requesting for Dillard University Security or New Orleans Police. The Office of Public Safety has the authority to require a New Orleans Police detail. The sponsoring organization is responsible for the cost of New Orleans Police details and additional University Police Officers.

All registered student organizations are permitted to reserve University facilities to hold meetings, sponsor workshops, dance parties, recreational programs, concerts, performances and other special events that are approved by SELD. A venue to hold an event will be assigned based on availability, type of activity, number of participants, and location of other events within the facility. Special event/late night venues include the following: Kabacoff Plaza, Kearny Dining Hall, Kearny West Wing, Kearny Terrace, Dent Hall Gymnasium, Natatorium/Pool, Cook Theater or Foyer, Stern amphitheater, DUICEF Lobby, and parking areas.

Procedures for Registering and Sponsoring Events

All organizations are required to register events by fulfilling all of the registration requirements. An organization has the right to request that an event be publicized as a private event in SELD Code Bleu Calendar.

Procedures for Registering all events, including Special Events or Late Night Programs

An officer or representative of an organization must complete the Event Request Form at a minimum of two (2) weeks in advance of the program or event. The request for a reservation will remain tentative until all requirements are met. SELD will not approve a Special Event or Late Night Program without the fulfillment of the procedures governing Registering and Sponsoring a Special Event or Late Night Programs such as advisor signature. All organizations must comply with policy. Reservations or requests to use a facility must be submitted directly to SELD.

The Event Request Form is available in the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership Development. This form will be used to evaluate the event for potential risk as well as to determine public safety and staffing requirements. It is imperative that this form has detailed and accurate information about the event so that University personnel can review the program or events logistics fairly and accurately. It may be necessary to follow up with the event sponsor in person to further clarify any areas that appear unclear or nonspecific.

If a University official determines that a meeting is required to discuss the event or program, for example, risk, safety, security, and venue, the meeting must be held at least three (3) business days in advance of the program date. Representatives from the organization and their advisor will meet with University staff to thoroughly review the event logistics. It is strongly recommended that a program proposal be prepared for distribution at this meeting. Revisions and changes to the event may be requested at this meeting.

In order to ensure that all requests are honored in a timely and efficient manner, an officer or representative of the sponsoring organization must complete all business and finance requirements at a minimum of two (2) weeks in advance prior to the event (i.e. request for a check, requests for catering, equipment, audio and visual equipment, and specifications for venue set up).

Procedures to Request the Natatorium/Pool or Henson Hall Facilities

In order for a student organization to host an event in the Natatorium/Pool, such as a pool party, the student organization is required to have lifeguards and security officers. The student organization must receive the approval of the Director, Recreation, Health and Wellness to use the Natatorium/Pool or Henson Hall. A meeting should be held with the Director of Recreation, Health and Wellness to determine the number of lifeguards that is needed for the event. The sponsoring organization is responsible for the cost of the security officers as well as the lifeguards.

Procedures for University Police Coverage of University Events

Certain university/student-sponsored events will require additional University safety, security, and police coverage. The types of events requiring special coverage include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Events that will attract more than one hundred (100) guest.
  • Events that present a topic or activity with the reasonable potential for a disturbance or disruption.
  • Events that require entrance fee
  • Events where money will be collected.
    • The Office of Business and Finance must be notified about events where money will be collected.
    • The Office of Business and Finance must assign a staff member to receive money at events.
    • A representative of a sponsoring organization is responsible for contacting the Office of Business and Finance at 816-4654.

Requirements for Security:

  1. All pay events open to the University and the public will require paid security.
  2. All pay events open only to Dillard University students may not require paid security
  3. Non-paid events open only to Dillard University students may not require paid security
  4. Non-paid events open to Dillard University and the public may require paid security.
  5. All fees for security may be paid directly to the Office of the University Police or SELD.

University Police Coverage of University Events

The Office of Public Safety will make the final determination as to whether an event will require special security coverage and the number of officers required.

  • Arrangements for special security services must be made with the Office of the University Police at least two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled event
  • A sponsoring organization is responsible for the cost of police details and additional public safety officers according to an hourly rate that is determined by the Office of the University Police
  • Failure to make appropriate arrangements for university police coverage will subject the event to cancellation.

Responsibilities of Public Safety Officers

At events where Public Safety officers are required:

  • Two officers are required for every 100 people
  • One (1) officer will be stationed at the main entrance and will conduct periodic checks of the immediate surrounding areas of the event.
  • Other officers will be responsible for roving inside the facility and will make periodic checks around the outside perimeter of the area where event is held.
  • Public Safety officers must be scheduled a half hour before event begins and remain until the event is over and the doors are secured.

There will be a meeting for all event staff, sponsoring organization members and the organization’s advisors with Public Safety a half an hour before the start of the event. At this meeting, event staff will be given instructions and assignments by the advisor or event coordinator.

Guidelines for the Night of Special Event or Late Night Program

  • The organization’s Advisor(s) must be present at the event from start to finish: There are NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • When required, all attendees must present Dillard University ID for admittance.
    Students will be asked to present their ID’s each time they enter the event facility.
  • A student who does not abide by the policy will not be permitted admission and will be required to leave the premises.
  • Security officers at entrance gate will require each guest to submit a valid stated issued photo identification to enter the campus.
  • The sponsoring group must ensure that the music stops at the scheduled ending time of the event.
  • The sponsoring group must usher event attendees out of the building at the end of the event through the main entrance of the room.
  • If the event requires paid admission, there will be no reentry into the venue without official identification such as a stamp or approval of an events staff person.

Advertising & Publicity

In order to protect the rights of student organizations and individuals as well as university property and to ensure the campus maintains an attractive appearance, the following rules shall apply:

  • A copy of the proposed flyer/poster, table tent, email or social media message, t-shirt, or any other creative form of advertisement must be approved in advance and stamped by SELD.
  • All notices and signs must clearly state the official name of the sponsoring organizations.
  • Notices or signs are to be limited to bulletin boards. In no case should signs or notices be posted on the outside or inside of campus buildings, except on bulletin boards. Signs posted on walls, glass windows and doors of any campus building will be removed. Signs may not be posted on elevators, trees, or benches.
  • Notices or signs posted on departmental bulletin boards must be approved by the department.
  • Flyers or notices may not be placed on vehicles parked on campus.
  • All signs posted in contradiction to this policy will be removed and discarded.
  • Sidewalk chalk is permitted on horizontal surfaces that are exposed to rain where it will naturally be washed away. These surfaces cannot be under overhangs or other areas that would block the surface from being exposed to rain.
    • Only water-soluble chalk may be used for sidewalk chalking.
    • Chalking is strictly prohibited on vertical services such as building walls steps, columns, etc.
    • Chalking is limited to the following horizontal surfaces: Kearny Hall entrance and Student Union front entrance. Please contact the Director of SELD for additional information.
    • Any student or student organization utilizing sidewalk chalking for advertising is responsible for removing any chalking of outdated materials that has not naturally washed away within 3 days after the event is over.
    • Removal of substances that damage university property shall be the responsibility of the persons or parties established as the violators and reimbursement for any restoration costs (i.e., paint removal, cleaning, removal of residual substances, and so on) will be responsibility of the violating party.
    • Chalking space can be reserved for a week at a time. After one week, the sponsoring group must remove the chalk from the sidewalk.
  • If the event is open to non-Dillard students, the advertisement must state valid college or university identification is required for admission.
  • For closed events, (Dillard students only), the advertisement must state valid Dillard University identification required for admission.
  • SELD will review requests from Dillard students to invite a maximum of two (2) guests to a closed event.
  • The time the event starts and ends must be on the advertisement, as well as the name of the sponsoring organization.
  • Admission fee must be included in advertisement about the event.

Proper Identification/Guest Policy

When requested, all Dillard University students are expected to present or surrender a valid University identification card. Pay events that are open to non-Dillard attendees require students from other colleges to present a valid ID card from their college for admission. Individuals who are not current college students will not be per-mitted to attend late night events, with the exception of Dillard alumni or alumnae who are on a guest list and present a valid state issued photo ID. No exceptions will be made. Special events may or may not require identification. Students may have to pick up their guests at the University entrance gate depending on the event.

Financial Responsibilities

Any organization that financially obligates itself, whether through a member or officer, for services, merchandise, or a facility does so in the name of the organization and its members. Dillard University is not responsible in any way for debts incurred by an organization.

Vendor Contracts

All contractual agreements are required to be reviewed by the Office of Legal Affairs. SELD will not sign any contracts or requisitions that have not been signed by Legal Affairs. Please turn in any contracts that you would like to be review by the Office of Legal Affairs with the Event Request Form to SELD.

Contracts are needed: if services are provided from a professional being paid- exchange of funds outside of the DU Community (faculty/staff, student, and/or alumni), this may include speakers, DJ, or any outside vendor; if the vendor has been used before on Dillard University campus they will still need to complete a contract; if the vendor is new to Dillard University campus along with a contract they will need to complete a W-9 Form and Vendor Registration.

Students are prohibited from entering into a verbal or written contract with any vendor or person. Contracts that require payment(s) and are entered into by a student may not be honored by the University. In such cases, the student may be held financially liable for payment and subject to disciplinary action.

Use of University Facilities/ Security

All requests for facilities, other than courses scheduled through the Office of Records and Registration, are considered events. Officially recognized student organizations or groups have use of university facilities free of charge.

All organizations must provide security at events/ activities when attendance is expected to be greater than100 students. Arrangements for security can be made through the Office of Public Safety. The Office of Public Safety will provide the security needed for any event. There is a cost associated with providing the security and the organizations will be charged.

Food Service-Sodexo

If Student Organization is expecting food for their event they must inform the Director of Student Engagement (CSE) via the Student Organization Activity Request Form.

Student Organizations must go through the University’s catering services Sodexo for any food distribution.

  • Only the advisor of the student organization can contact a representative from Sodexo for a menu and quote. Students are not allowed to contact Sodexo, if students contact Sodexo on behalf of their advisor or for their organization/event, the event will be cancelled/ denied.
  • The ONLY student allowed to go to Sodexo is the Student Government Association (SGA) Treasurer on behalf of SGA and/or Student Activities Board (SAB). The Advisor for SGA and SAB should try to go to Sodexo on behalf of these organizations as much as possible. If the SGA Treasurer goes to Sodexo for another organization other than SGA or SAB s/he will receive a demerit from SGA.

Sodexo/ or the advisor of student organization will provide the Director for Student Engagement (CSE) a receipt that food will be serviced through Sodexo at the event upon request

The CSE will provide the Events Director appropriate information

  • If Sodexo does not provide the food the student organization is requesting they can therefore go to an outside vendor and complete the guidelines in the section of Contracts-Waivers of this document
  • If food is being donated from an outside vendor the advisor must inform the Director for Student Engagement (CSE)
    • If food is being donated to the student organization, Sodexo cannot provide any services for the event (i.e. water, cups, napkins, plates, etc.)
    • The Student Representative must indicate where they will receive food from to the CSE
  • The CSE will than forward any information receive from the student organization to Risk Management and the student organization will have to provide any information that is requested from Risk Management


If Student Organizations are requesting to show a movie on campus they must inform the Director of Student Engagement (CSE) via the Student Organization Activity Request Form.

  • In order for active registered student organization to show a movie they must purchase the licensing rights or contact the Director of Recreational, Health, and Wellness• The Director for Recreational, Health, and Wellness will forward any information (whether s/he will support student organization in showing movie) to the CSE via email.
  • The CSE will forward and include any information provided from the Director of Recreational, Health, and Wellness with the Program Request Form and Proposal to the Events Director


If Student organizations will need transportation a Transportation Request Form must be completed and submitted to the Director for Student Engagement (CSE). Every line of the Transportation Request Form must be completed and the advisor of the Student organization must sign as the Requestor’s Signature.

The CSE will review completed form and sign as the Authorizing Signature, the CSE will forward the Request Form to the Dean of Students and to Events Director, and the CSE will notify student representative and student organization advisor of the approved or denied Transportation Request.

Student Government Association

All students are members of the Student Government Association. The students of this institution have formed a union and have adopted a constitution for their government within the bonds of the union. The aims of the Student Government Association are:

  1. To act as a clearing house for student opinion on all matters relative to student welfare at Dillard University.
  2. To provide a means through which students may work in close cooperation with administrative officers and faculty members in all programs in which students, administrative officers, and after faculty members participate jointly.
  3. To enable students to exercise themselves in the art of self-governance under the democratic process.

Student government at Dillard University is considered a teaching-learning opportunity for the purpose of providing a first-hand experience in democratic living for students. The Office of Student Affairs works closely with the SGA, and the Dean of Student Affairs or his/her designee serves as a primary advisor of the organization. A secondary advisor may be selected from the University faculty or staff.