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2023 - 2025 Academic Catalog 
2023 - 2025 Academic Catalog

2023 - 2025 Academic Catalog

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We are pleased that you will be joining us as we continue the journey that began over a century ago when a group of free people of color and former slaves, with the support of the Missionary Association of the Congregational Church (now the United Church of Christ) and the Freedman’s Aid Society of the United Methodist Church, founded Straight College. In 1930, New Orleans University and Straight College merged to form Dillard University. And here we stand!

As you stroll along the shaded paths beneath the majestic oaks on your way to class, take time to reflect on the accomplishments of the many talented and gifted alumni who traveled these paths and graced these halls before you.

As you matriculate through Dillard, realize that you, too, are destined for greatness. We welcome you, and we are pleased that you chose Dillard…your Avenue of Opportunity.

Message from the President

Dear Dillard University Students:

There are a number of resources that you will need to use to succeed here. One of the most important resources you will have is this university catalog. Within the catalog, you will find a great wealth of information needed for you to matriculate successfully through this institution. This information ranges from the kinds of courses required for certain majors, to specific rules and regulations. This should be a book that you refer to often to assist you in your pursuit of a degree.

You share a responsibility in your success, and being familiar with the catalog and using it is a part of that responsibility. So please keep this book in a handy location. The catalog is also available on the web, so you will always have access to it. As always, we will be here to assist you with questions that you have.

Again, this catalog is one of many resources here at Dillard. But use all of your resources - faculty, staff, other students and alumni - as we all will be very helpful in making sure you are successful. So give us your best and we will ensure that you will achieve your goals.


Rochelle L. Ford, Ph.D., APR



Message from Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dear Student:


Welcome to Dillard University!  You have made an excellent decision to become part of an exceptional learning community.  This is a great time to earn your degree from Dillard!  Our faculty, staff, and student leaders are all eager to work with you to accomplish your goals, whether they be to attend graduate school, work immediately upon earning your degree, or both.  We know multiple paths exist for you, and we look forward to being your partner along the way.

The Dillard University catalog provides the curriculum of the various disciplines of the University.  They work like roadmaps; they will guide you through your major to your degree.  Be sure to follow your chosen curriculum and seek assistance from the Center for the First Year Experience and your academic advisor.

Please also take note of the policies and procedures to ensure you maintain good academic standing; you will also find a list of our exemplary faculty and their credentials. 

I look forward to seeing you in the classroom, walking around campus, or attending a Bleu Devils competition.  Welcome to Dillard University!



Mablene Krueger, Interim Provost and Senior Vice President