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2017-2019 Academic Catalog 
2017-2019 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mass Communication - Public Relations Concentration, B.A.


The mission of the Mass Communication program is to prepare students to be proficient in communicating information and ideas through the utilization of media, to be qualified to hold positions in mass communication, and to gain admission to graduate and professional schools.

Students ready themselves to meet the needs and demands of specific sectors of mass media by selecting options in Multimedia Journalism or Public Relations. Course requirements emphasize the development of strong writing skills, critical thinking, and research skills as well as proficiency in mass media principles and practices.

Students majoring in Mass Communication have the opportunity to work on the Courtbouillon student newspaper; with DU-TV, Dillard University Television; WDUB online radio; and in recording studios.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate competence in written and oral communication.
  • Demonstrate competence in undergraduate research.
  • Demonstrate competence in ethical and analytical decision-making in ways that contribute to community improvement and the student’s own leadership development.
  • Understand and apply news values in the construction of news and/or public relations deliverables.
  • Use technology effectively in the delivery of news and public relations efforts.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in mass communication skills through the development of an electronic portfolio.
  • Understand how to function effectively in a global society.
  • Be prepared for employment or graduate or professional studies.


  • The Courtbouillon (University student newspaper)
  • Dillard University Recording Studios
  • Dillard University Television (DUTV)
  • Worldwide Dillard University Broadcasting (WDUB Radio)

Requirements for Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication – Public Relations

Complete a total of 122 credit hours of coursework for graduation.

General Education Core - 41 credit hours
Major Requirements - 33 credit hours
Additional Coursework - 48 credit hours

Additional Coursework

Includes a minor in another discipline.

Mass Communication - Public Relations Curriculum

First Year

Second Year

Total: 15

Second Semester

Total: 15

Third Year

First Semester

Total: 15

Second Semester

Total: 15

Fourth Year

First Semester

  • 3 cr.
  • Minor or General Elective 3 cr.
  • Minor or General Elective 3 cr.
  • Minor or General Elective 3 cr.
  • Mass Communication (MAC) Elective 3 cr.
Total: 15

Second Semester

Total: 15

Total Required Hours: 122

*Service Learning: Students will earn a total of 30 service learning hours after successful completion of FYS 101  & FYS 102  .

**Community Service: Students must contact the Office of Student Affairs for pre-approved community service project to earn a total of 90 hours of community service by the end of their junior year.

***Writing Proficiency Examination: Students must complete ENG 111  and ENG 112  with a minimum grade of ‘C’ to register for ENG 199 - Writing Proficiency Examination . Students who fail to take or do not pass ENG 199  must take ENG 200 - Review of Writing Strategies  (3 credit hours).