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Dillard University Student Handbook 
Dillard University Student Handbook

Student Services

Collegiate Bookstore

The Collegiate Bookstore provides for the purchase of textbooks and supplies by students and faculty. It carries personal items, such as toiletries and sundries, candy, stationery, postage stamps, clothing, and jewelry. Purchases may be made with cash Discover, MasterCard, Visa, or American Express. Hours are from 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday-Friday.

Commuter Students, Faculty and Staff Food Service

Several meal plans are available for commuter students, faculty and staff, including the nineteen (19) meals per week plan. The most popular plans are the eleven (11) meal plan, which has a ten percent (10%) enhancement and the twenty-five (25) Meal Block Plan. These meal plans are valid for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch. See the Sodexho Food Services Manager for more information or to purchase a meal plan.

Computer Accounts

The Office of Information Technology and Telecommunications provides all Dillard students Email accounts, cable and access to the Internet. If you have questions, please contact the helpdesk via email Contact the library at 504-816-4784 or via email at for remote access to library resources. Students are encouraged to protect their passwords.

Counseling Services

Students who may need the assistance of professionals regarding personal issues they may be facing can seek help through the Health and Wellness Center. If needed, students will be referred to appropriate programs available on campus or in the community. Programs are strictly confidential and are free of charge to students.

Controlled Substance Support Services

Students with alcohol or drug related dependencies should seek help through the Health and Wellness Center. If needed, students will be referred to appropriate programs available on campus or in the community. Programs are strictly confidential and are free of charge to students.

Fitness Center

The Fitness Center has an array of exercise equipment, tennis and basketball courts. Members of the Dillard community have access to the Fitness Center, basketball, and tennis courts during hours of operation.

Disability Services

The University assists students with disabilities by providing and identifying services and accommodations. Please contact the office of Student Support Services via phone at 504-816-4306 with any question.

Health Services

Health and Wellness Center

Student Health and Wellness Center provides services to all students at Dillard University. Clinic hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8:00am - 5:00pm. Students are seen on a first come first served basis with unlimited visits. The Nurse Practitioner is available to assist students with their health care needs.

After-hour care is available by contacting Residential Life staff members or University Police.

The Health and Wellness Center provides health care examinations and evaluations to all Dillard University students regardless of insurance coverage. There are certain diagnoses (illness and/or injuries) that may require prescribed medications, laboratory test and other diagnostic examinations, which may or may not be covered by medical insurance. The students are responsible for the cost of prescription medicine, lab work and other diagnostic tests.

Student health insurance coverage. Students are encouraged to report to the Health and Wellness Center be-fore going to any hospital and/ or private physician for any illness or injury. Medical referrals are given by the Health and Wellness Center to facilitate direction of health care services needed. Emergencies are to be reported without delay for proper documentation of the incident.

Intramural Sports and Recreation

The Intramural Sports and Recreation program at Dillard University is dedicated to providing students, faculty, and staff with competitive and recreational activities. Through a variety of team sports and individual or group events, the Intramural Sports and Recreations program provides a fun atmosphere and a positive experience to the university community.

Library Services

The Will W. Alexander Library is a learning-friendly, user-oriented library that serves a vital on-campus role as a center for the enhancement of skills and knowledge to ensure students’ college success and encourages post-graduate life-long learning. The library is a place where the highest quality learning tools in information gathering and usage are provided, thereby enhancing its students’ academic and learning experiences. Included among the collections in the Alexander Library are the following:

  • Patton Collection - a major collection of resources by African Americans authors.
  • Archives and Special Collections - a non-circulating collection of documents with major concentrations of resources detailing the history of Dillard University.
  • Periodicals - the library currently subscribes to more than 300 prints and over 10,000 full-text journals in electronic format.
  • Media Resources - a number of audiovisual resources are available to enhance classroom instruction.

The Learning Commons is learning centered, and offers many services. Located on the first floor, offers 70 computer workstations as well as a variety of research and instructional services, which include:

  • Information Literacy (IL) Instruction - a core initiative that provides instruction in locating, evaluating, and using resources. Information Literacy is provided through formal classroom lectures, as well as through individualized instruction. Electronic and printed guides, handbooks, pathfinders and bibliographies made available to patrons.
  • Reference Assistance - Librarians are available at all times to help patrons locate, select and interpret the appropriate information and resources.
  • Interlibrary Loan - Resources not held by the library are made available through this service. Some nominal fees may he incurred.

Facilities - The library is state-of-the-art facility furnished to meet the comfort and needs of library users.

  • Group Study Rooms are located on the first and second floors are provided for groups engaged in study.
  • Distance Learning with a seating capacity of 40, the room is located on the second floor and is used for a variety of instructional and campus based activities.
  • Cafe´ A´ la Carte - Offers quick-and casual dining for students on the go. The café offers a variety of sandwiches, salads and wraps along with a coffee and pastry stop. It is located inside the library’s Casual Reading room.

Library Technology - Electronic library resources are available from campus as well as from remote locations and may be accessed from the library website at In addition to the online public access catalog (OPAC), other electronic resources include indices, abstracts, full text articles and journals, and online books. These resources are made available through the LOUIS consortia as well as through subscriptions to EBSCOHost, Pro Quest, JSTOR and NetLibrary.

Mail Room

The mail room is located in Kearny Hall and provides mail services for the campus community. Mail for the University offices may be sent through the University mail room. However, all inter-campus mail of a personal nature requires postage. Postage stamps will be sold in the bookstore in Henson Hall. The mailroom is open 24hrs a day; however, the mail room service window is open from 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday-Friday. Neither postal mail nor packages are delivered to the housing units. Mail is received and distributed in the University Post Office in Kearny Hall.

Public Safety

University Police provides armed security service 24/7 with the expressed responsibility of protecting life and property of students, faculty, staff, and visitors while on campus. The main entrance to the campus and all buildings located on campus are patrolled by trained armed officers. All campus police officers are licensed and certified by the Louisiana Board of Private Security Examiners and commissioned by the City of New Orleans.

Safety Tips:

  1. Students are asked to take normal security precautions, such as locking doors and windows and refusing to admit strangers into their residences or campus facilities.
  2. Students display ID cards at all times.
  3. Students must register their guests. All guests must surrender a valid state issued photo ID to a University public safety officer to enter the campus.
  4. Always attend off campus events with at least one friend.
  5. Do not display money and expensive items, such as jewelry in residential unit or in public.
  6. Never give a stranger your address.
  7. Never prop open the Williams Hall exterior doors, the gates to the Elysian Fields, the DUALS, or other facilities.
  8. Do not invite strangers to the campus.
  9. Inform University Police of all suspicious activity.
  10. Lock your vehicle.
  11. Avoid confrontations. Report concerns and problems to Residential Life staff or University Police.

Religious Services

The Lawless Chapel Ministry is a student organization affiliated with the Office of the University Chaplain and, in addition to on-campus programming, presents a lively Sunday morning worship in Lawless Memorial Chapel at 11:00am every Sunday. LCM’s ministries include a gospel choir, praise dancers, Sunday school, Bible Study, Council of Christian Brotherhood, women of vision, benevolence and evangelism program.

Undergraduate Research

The goal of undergraduate research and creative work is to introduce students to the empirical methods of inquiry, history, and language of intellectual investigation, research, and creative expressions.

Vending Machines

Vending machines are located throughout the campus. There is also several laundry centers located on campus. Students are invited to use these laundries and snack centers at their convenience.

If, for some reason, the machine in which coins have been deposited does not give desired service, malfunction of the machine should be reported immediately. A card is located in the area of each machine describing procedures for reporting malfunctions. It is a crime to insert slugs, counterfeit coins or any foreign substances in a vending machine.

Writing Lab

Dillard University Writing Center, Division of Humanities

Dillard University’s Writing Center is part of the Division of Humanities, but it services the entire University. Its primary goal is to provide the academic support necessary to increase the academic performance, retention, and graduation rates of all students.

The Writing Center is staffed by trained and experienced writing tutors who are available to meet with you and answer questions. Also, the instructors and tutors in the Writing Center will help you improve your writing skills so that you become a more confident and successful writer in all classes and for all purposes.

Writing Center Hours:

The Writing Center is open when the University is open for fall and spring classes. The peer tutors are available beginning the second week of classes. The Writing Center is not open during exam weeks.

The Writing Center is open Monday through Friday; the Writing Center hours are posted during the second week of classes.

Although walk-ins are welcome, you are encouraged to make an appointment to be sure you receive assistance when you need it. Stop by today.